Permaculture Ontario

Permaculture Design Course

July 16 – 29, 2017

at Whole Village Ecovillage & Farm

in Caledon, Ontario


This 13 day intensive course is the basic Permaculture Design Course covering the principles & techniques of permaculture design. The course includes lectures, discussions, hands-on, slide shows, field trips & design projects.


Permaculture principles & techniques
Pattern understanding
Organic Gardening
Plant diversity
Forest Garden
Fruit & Nut trees
Plant Propagation
Building Design
Alternative Energy
Waste treatment
Urban Permaculture
Alternative economics
& more.


Grégoire Lamoureux:

Gregoire is the director of the Kootenay Permaculture Institute. He is a permaculture designer, consultant and teacher. He has worked with permaculture systems for over 20 years and taught courses in many parts of the country. Gregoire taught the Permaculture Design Course as a Summer Session at the University of Manitoba in 2005. He has been teaching the Permaculture Design Course in Ontario since 2001. He has served on the Board of Directors of Slocan River Streamkeepers and on the Board of Directors of Seeds of Diversity Canada for seven years. He is a founding member of Kootenay Organic Growers Society and was on the Certifying Committee for three years.

Gregoire Lamoureux holds a Permaculture Diploma in Education, Design, Site Development and Community Service from the Permaculture Institute USA.

He is the Program Manager for the Slocan River Riparian Restoration Program with the Slocan River Streamkeepers

His work experience includes market gardening, greenhouse production, orcharding, ecological land restoration using bio-engineering techniques, small-scale nursery management, landscaping, aquaculture and forestry work. He has written articles for Natural Life and Eco Farm & Garden magazines, a contributor in The Organic Companion, Gleanings from Canadian Organic Growers published in 2005. Gregoire has also studied alternative building and worked on straw-bale and cob house buildings. He has been a guest lecturer at many conferences including the BC Organic Agriculture Conference and the Guelph Organic Agriculture Conference.

Co-teacher and host:

Brenda Dolling

Brenda is a retired teacher who co-created Whole Village Ecovillage with a community of 10 members. She has gardened organically for forty years and has been applying permaculture principles to the development of the Whole Village project, in particular landscaping, poultry care, fruit and nut production and the creation of windbreaks and shelterbelts.

Guest speaker:

Jane Hayes

For more infos or to register:

Brenda Dolling

Whole Village:

For more information about the course content, etc. you can contact the instructor:

Gregoire Lamoureux :


Many Parts Make a Whole Village. Caledon’s first ecovillage celebrates 10 years of sustainable living.

Shaws Creek CSA Farm at Whole Village:

Photos from our Permaculture Design Courses at Whole Village


Permaculture Design Course at Whole Village, Caledon, ON  August 2016

PDC Whole Village 2015

Permaculture Design Course at Whole Village, Caledon’ ON August 2015

Hands-on at pdc Ontario

Hands-on activities during the Permaculture Design Course at Whole Village August 2012. Building and planting the hugelkultur.

Garden Jane

Jane Hayes (Garden Jane) talking about the soil food web during the permaculture design course at Whole Village August 2014

PDC Whole Village 2014

Permaculture Design Course at Whole Village in Caledon, ON August 2014

PDC Whole Village

Permaculture Design Course at Spiral Farm in Winlaw, BC with Kootenay Permaculture August 2013

PDC Whole Village

Permaculture Design Course at Whole Village, Caledon, ON. August 2012

Whole Village

Forest Garden at Whole Village, Caledon, ON.
July 2013

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