Kootenay Permaculture Institute’s 23 year old Forest Garden

A short clip of the 23 year old Forest Garden at Spiral Farm in the Slocan Valley, BC home of Kootenay Permaculture Institute where the Permaculture Design Course has been presented since 2001.

Une Visite à la Ferme Spiral

A Visit to Spiral Farm

Une visite à la ferme Spiral dans la Vallée de la Slocan, ou réside l’Institut de Permaculture des Kootenays et ou vous pouvez observer un jardin forestier (forêt nourricière) de 20 ans.

A visit to Spiral Farm in The Slocan Valley, BC Canada home of Kootenay Permaculture Institute where you can see the 20 year old Forest Garden (food forest).
The Permaculture Design Course has been presented every year at the farm since 2001.


Growing Bamboos in the Kootenays


Bamboo Grove at Spiral Farm

Bamboo Grove at Spiral Farm, Winlaw, BC
June 2013


New bamboo shoots growing at Spiral Farm.
June 2013

Storing bamboos

Bamboo species growing in the Kootenays

Here are some of the Bamboo species that I have been growing at Spiral Farm in Winlaw, BC since 1993.

F. murielae (Umbrella Bamboo)

P. arcana
P. aurea (Golden Bamboo)
P. aureosulcata (Yellow Groove Bamboo)
P. bambusoides ‘Slender Crookstem’
P. bissetii
P. decora
P. dulcis (Sweetshoot Bamboo)
P. flexuosa
P. glauca
P. heterocycla pubescens (Moso)
P. meyeri
P. nidularia
P. nigra (Black Bamboo)
P. nigra ‘Henon’
P. nuda
P. vivax

Pl. pygmaeus
Pl. variegatus (Dwarf WhiteStripe Bamboo)

Ps. Japonica (Arrow Bamboo)

S. palmata